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Viruses and Worms, Protection from Disaster

Virus harm estimated at $55 billion in 2003. “SINGAPORE – Trend Micro Inc, the world’s third-largest anti-virus application maker, stated Friday that computer virus attacks price worldwide organizations an estimated $55 billion in damages in 2003, a sum that would rise this year. Businesses lost roughly $20 billion to $30 billion in 2002 from the virus attacks, up from about $13 billion in 2001, in line with many sector estimates.” This was the story across a huge number of news agencies desk January 2004. Out of $55 billion, just how much did it expense your organization? Just how much did it expense a person you realize?

I. The Why

There is certainly an average of 10-20 viruses released just about every day. Extremely few of those viruses essentially make ?Wild? stage. Viruses are made to make the most of security flaws in computer software or operating systems. These flaws might be as blatant as Microsoft Windows NetBIOS shares to exploits making use of buffer overflows. Buffer overflows come about when an attacker sends responses to a plan longer then what is anticipated. In the event the victim computer software isn’t made properly, then the attacker can overwrite the memory allocated to the computer software and execute malicious code.

Men and women make viruses for many factors. These reasons variety from political to monetary to notoriety to hacking tools to plain malicious intent.

Political: Mydoom is often a excellent example of a virus that was spread having a political agenda. The two targets of this virus were Microsoft and the SCO Group. The SCO Group claims that they personal a sizable portion of the Linux supply code threatened to sue everyone working with Linux operating systems (with “stolen” programming source). The virus was very efficient knocking down SCO’s web site. Even so, Microsoft had adequate time to prepare for the second attack and effectively sidestepped disaster.

Economic: Some virus writers are hired by other parties to either leach economic data from a competitor or make the competitor look terrible in the public eye. Industrial espionage is a high risk/high payout field that could land a person in prison for life.

Notoriety: There are some that write viruses for the sole objective of obtaining their name out. This can be wonderful when the virus writers are script kiddies simply because this assists the authorities track them down. There are lots of renowned viruses that have the author’s e-mail in the supply code or open script

Hacking Hackers sometimes write controlled viruses to assist inside the access of a remote pc. They are going to add a payload towards the virus including a Trojan horse to enable quick access in to the victims technique.

Malious: These are the folks which can be essentially the most harmful. These are the blackhat hackers that code viruses for the sole intention of destroying networks and systems with no prejudice. They get higher on seeing the utter destruction of their creation, and are extremely seldom script kiddies.

A lot of in the viruses which are written and released are viruses altered by script kiddies. These viruses are called generations of your original virus and are extremely seldom altered enough to be noticeable from the original. This stems back towards the truth that script kiddies do not comprehend what the original code does and only alters what they recognize (file extension or victim’s web page). This lack of understanding tends to make script kiddies incredibly harmful.

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