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Fiverr Review

Fiverr is one of the world’s top marketplaces for services. You can get a job done for as low as $5, hence the name. Thousands of freelancers around the world use the site to offer various services to international customers from funny introduction videos, illustrations, business cards, logos, user tests, and voice-overs.

So, if you are affected by the recession and you need extra cash, it is a great idea to check out Fiverr. This awesome marketplace allows you to work on projects that you really enjoy doing from the comfort of your home.

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Fiverr is not only for service sellers, but also for buyers. So, if you need someone to design your wedding invitations or your business logo, it’s best to check out Fiverr. This amazing online service marketplace is the hub of many talented and dedicated freelancers who are willing to do the job for a fair price.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

If you have a website and you want to earn extra bucks from it, you can join the Fiverr affiliate program.

Fiverr pays its affiliates for simply driving traffic to the site and increasing the number of service buyers.

To become a Fiverr affiliate, you just need to sign up. Fiverr has a great affiliate program that allows you to track every conversion, click, and action. You’ll get a commission for every first-time buyer and you’ll get the commissions once a month. You’ll also need to wait for a month before you get your commissions. For example, you’ll get your commission for the month of October on the first week of December (usually December 1 or 2). You can also log in to your affiliate account to check and track your reports.

About the Fiverr Author

Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger developed and started Fiverr. Kaufman is the current CEO of Fiverr and writes articles for Forbes and INC as well. He is also an investor.

Wininger is also an investor and hails from Israel. He’s also an occasional photographer.

How Does Fiverr Work?

Well, it’s easy. Each project in Fiverr is called a gig. To sell a service, you need to create a Fiverr account and specify the services that you are willing to offer. It could be graphic design, web design, article writing, copy writing, or even book keeping. Then, when buyers order your services, Fiverr will ask you if you want to accept their offers. Then, you will receive your payment within 48 hours of completing your gigs. You can withdraw your earnings into your PayPal account.

If you’re a buyer, you’ll also need to create a Fiverr account. Then, you just browse the site and find the gig or service that you want to buy. Then, you have to place the order and then pay for the service through PayPal or credit card. Then, you need to communicate with the seller to ensure that you are getting what you want. The output will be delivered to you within the specified deadline. You have 48 hours to ask for fixes or revisions from the seller. Then give a feedback and write a review. It’s that easy.

Pros of Fiverr

Buying and selling services in Fiverr have many advantages, including:

1. Fiverr is easy to use. It has a good user interface that is easy to navigate. It’s user-friendly for both buyers and sellers. Extensive search capabilities allow buyers to find the service that they need easily.

2. Fiverr provides an opportunity for sellers to earn extra money while working from their homes. So, if you are really hard working, you can complete multiple projects in a day and make a substantial amount of money.

3. Fiverr provides affordable services to buyers. If you want to get something done, but you can’t afford to pay someone full-time, it may be a good idea for you to check out Fiverr. There are a lot of talented sellers in Fiverr who offer quality work. So, if you really want to save time and money, it would be a good idea to purchase services on Fiverr.

Why You Need It

If you need extra cash or you do not have a permanent job as of the moment, it would be a good idea to sell your services on Fiverr. You can earn extra money doing what you love. So, if you really like graphic design and other cool stuff, it would be a good idea to try it out.


Fiverr provides a great opportunity for both buyers and sellers. It is user-friendly and it has a good reputation, too. More and more people claim that they have good experience on Fiverr.

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Search Engine Optimisation – What You need to Know About Having Your Web-site Noticed by Google!

The all significant query – how do I get my web-site optimised to ensure that Google as well as other recognised search engines like google index and rank my internet site?

The improvement method and structures utilised in designing a web site has to involve each of the technical elements that Google requires to completely understand your website’s content material and efficiently rank it. This specialised knowledge can be complicated for the average person to know so we’ve got put the uncomplicated answers in these ten critical points below.

1. Build page content material that’s clear, helpful and information-rich. It really is advisable to update web page content from time for you to time as search engines favour recently updated content. Some site design and style providers provide copywriting solutions which can facilitate well-written content material for the site.

two. Consider regarding the words / keyword phrases (meta tags) that customers would variety to find your web page and be sure that the pages of your internet site truly include things like these words inside it. Search engines like google favour relevancy within the content and keyword phrases. Locate a reputable webmaster that specialises in proper meta tags and keyword density solutions.

three. Image Optimisation. If your website presents good quality pictures or animation these too might be optimised on a web page via the scripting of suitable alt and title tags.

four. Premium quality backlinks are very crucial for escalating page views and traffic for your web-site. Backlinks are incoming links to a web-site or internet web page from one more web node. A fantastic example of developing backlinks to your website is by submitting excellent, helpful articles to Short article Submission directories. Article writing services are provided by some web-site style organizations as element of a advertising and marketing package that should compose and submit the articles in your behalf.

5. The higher number of internal links, also known as hyperlinks, inside your web page is also critical in rising web page website traffic. These hyperlinks point to an additional page around the very same web page enabling a visitor to navigate the web site with out clicking on every page separately.

six. Social Media links and platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are also rewarded by search engines like google. Social media enables you to spread your on the net reach faster and when once again these platforms supply linking to and from your internet site driving good quality web site traffic.

7. Responsive web-site style. On account of the increase in smartphone and tablet usage the significance of mobile-friendly internet sites has become essential and this is a massive optimistic in Search engine marketing. Responsive web page frameworks present practical user-experience because the website might be viewed across several devices and screen sizes since it adjusts the design accordingly.

eight. Add your internet site to Google Areas for Firms and Google Maps. This selection not simply presents the visitor of one’s site the comfort of finding your location straight to your front door but since it can be a Google item you are acquiring an exclusive on-line presence displaying exactly where your company is based.

9. Add your web site to Google Webmaster Tools. This is a search console which monitors and maintains your site’s presence in Google Search benefits. It offers tools that let the webmaster / hosting provider submit and verify numerous aspects from the internet site which include the crawl price, internal and external links, sitemap (list of pages around the internet site), broken hyperlinks, and so on

10. Google AdWords. This product provides web-site listings in the best of Google searches when a user searches for key phrases or phrases, or browses internet websites with themes related to your small business. You spend Google for these sponsored listings, on a pay-per-click basis. This marketing package is provided by specialised agencies or web page hosting businesses.

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