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Estate Planning Overview Update – Key Issues to Consider for Your Wills and More

This overview presents the key issues to consider when designing and executing the best estate plan. Also, the work does not stop at signing your estate plan documents; you must also complete the follow up work of beneficiary designations, memorandum to fiduciaries, etc. The goal is to avoid the pitfall of no plan done and the disaster when wills and trusts are in place but the asset ownership and beneficiary designations frustrate the plan by having assets pass to the spouse and not the trust.

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If you do nothing else after reading this, write and deliver a “Memorandum to Survivors” and review asset ownership, all as described at the end of this post.

A comprehensive estate plan can accomplish many goals, such as providing for survivors, ensuring your children are cared for, determining the flow of your assets upon your death, and reducing the amount of taxes your estate will pay while administering your estate. The most important goal is that you have peace of mind knowing that your estate will be administered in accordance with your wishes.

Estate Planning Pyramid

Constructing a pyramid can be helpful for understanding all that goes into an estate plan, much like nutrition and investments. Each level of the pyramid addresses a new level of complexity in your family and financial situation – that is, everyone needs level one, but not all need the later, more complex levels.

Pyramid: Level One

The first level of estate planning provides the most basic protections so it is most suitable to single individuals with no children and few assets. This level of estate plan typically includes the following forms:

Health Care Proxy: This document allows you to appoint people to make decisions about your health care and treatment when you are not capable of doing so. You typically select the surviving spouse and then have a first and second alternate if you wish. Some states call such documents “medical directives” or “medical powers of attorney.”

Living Will: This makes your wishes clear as to whether or not you want to have heroic means used to prolong your life.

Anatomical Gift Instrument: This allows you to have a hospital use organs and other body parts for others in need of a transplant.

Pyramid: Level Two

The second level is most appropriate for individuals in committed relationships. This level includes all the forms listed in the first level, but adds a durable power of attorney. This document grants a power of attorney to the other to manage your financial affairs if you are absent or you become incapacitated.

Pyramid: Level Three

When you have children, you want to ensure that they will be both cared for and provided for in the manner you wish. To achieve this, you need a will to appoint a guardian, for the “care,” and create a trust to manage assets, for the “providing.”

A will is a formal document that designates your personal representative or executor, any alternates, plus a guardian and any alternates for children under age 18, then instructs your personal representative to pay off your debts, and distribute your estate per your wishes.

A trust is an entity that you create and can be used for many purposes. The trustee acts as the owner of what the trust holds, while the beneficiaries get all the benefits from what the trust holds. For estate planning, trusts are used to reduce estate taxes in various ways. Trust vehicles can also describe how and when assets are distributed. For example, the grantor of a trust could insist that assets not go to children until they are age thirty-five. The trust vehicle could also provide where assets flow if all family members die without issue. For example, assets could flow to a charity or educational institution.

Providing for Survivors: You need to address how your assets and any life insurance flow after your death in order to ensure that your resources allow those who survive you to maintain the same standard of living, during their life expectancies, that you all had during your life. If your investments are not sufficient, even after making liquid certain kinds of personal property (e.g., a second home), then there is a need for life insurance.

Life Insurance: Term insurance, providing only a death benefit, funds the shortfall between assets required to maintain the lifestyle of the survivors and actual assets available. Whole life, variable or other types of insurance should only be used when permanent insurance is required, as in the case of maintaining estate liquidity throughout your lifetime.

Flow of Assets: After you determine the assets required to support the lifestyle of the survivor, you determine to whom the assets flow. For example, at Levels One and Two, you can leave everything directly to survivors, while at Levels Three to Six, you use a trust, and at Level Six you may even separate some portion of the assets by gift now.

Control Over Assets: In Levels One and Two, the survivors have complete control over the assets. At higher Levels, trust vehicles are used for the estate tax savings. However, you also gain a heightened level of attention on the assets: you have engaged a trustee to focus on providing for the surviving spouse, maintaining his or her lifestyle, while still attending to the interests of other beneficiaries, such as children. In this way, the trustee will try to preserve the trust assets in the best way possible for the longest duration. Finally, the trustee must distribute the assets per your instructions; if assets went to a survivor, they are not bound in any way to follow your wishes, so you may not achieve your estate planning goals.

Fiduciaries: In designing the estate plan, many choices revolve around the fiduciary that you select for a particular role.

Personal Representative or Executor: This is the person who “marshals” all assets of the estate together, pays death expenses and transfers ownership of property to the surviving spouse or trust. This is approximately a nine-month task.

Guardian: This is the person whom you select to love and care for your children in your absence. The spouse selects the surviving spouse and then a second or third choice beyond that. This job lasts until each child has reached majority (age eighteen).

Trustee: This person has potentially the longest-term job because he or she must manage the trust assets and make distributions of income and sometimes principal to the surviving spouse, children and even grandchildren. Depending on the terms of the trust, this job could last until the children are young adults.

Beneficiary Designations and Ownership: ownership and how life insurance proceeds and retirement plan assets flow is described below.

Pyramid: Level Four

This level of planning addresses state taxes. When the potential combined estate of a husband and wife exceeds $1 million, and they have other beneficiaries for whom they want to maximize the estate after taxes, then trusts are typically used. States such as Massachusetts impose an estate tax over $1 million. Other states have similar amounts, but many are increasing, such as New York which will match the federal credit in 2019. Therefore, additional planning is required if you reside in a state with an estate tax.

Too many people leave their affairs as a mess for survivors to sort through. Estate planning is important, something can address, so read this and act now.

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Getting Your Own Website – What to Know About Website Creation

In today’s business arena it is necessary to develop an effective marketing strategy to attract customers and promote small business growth. In this technological age where an average three million people use the Internet on a daily basis having a website is mandatory for a company’s effectiveness.

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Website Creation is an effective marketing strategy

When it comes to finding businesses or services the Internet greatly surpasses the phone book in average use. Adults between the ages of eighteen to twenty-nine use the Internet ninety-three percent of the time compared to thirteen percent who turn to the phone book. Eighty-one percent of adults thirty to forty-nine turn to the Internet whereas only twenty-two percent use the phone book. As adults age the statistics change very little. At ages fifty-nine to sixty-four adults still turn to the Internet seventy percent of the time. In a computer savvy society where the number of Internet search engines is increasing everyday the importance of having a website for a business to get noticed cannot be overlooked.

First choose a website Domain

The first step to Website Creation is registering a domain name. At present there are approximately ninety million registered domain names on the World Wide Web, and they are increasing exponentially everyday. Registering a new domain name is simple, and the service can cost anywhere between ten dollars to two hundred and seventy-five dollars depending on a users needs.

It is advisable to have a basic understanding of HTML during Website Creation

HTML is the acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. It consists of a list of short codes called “tags”. Tags separate normal text from HTML code, and their affects determine the results and appearance of a web page. The Internet browser reads the tags and translates the file into visible form. There are HTML editors available such as FrontPage by Microsoft to help with Website Creation.

Getting a website – One can choose between free or paid Website Creation

Investing in website creation is part of the cost of doing business, but there are other options. If a business is still in its fledgling stage one might want to consider a free website builder that doesn’t require any monetary expense. However, there are a couple of points that need to be considered before deciding which route to go. Paid website builders create a website exclusively for one company; whereas free website builders are dependent on selling advertising space that could appear on a user’s platform. Also included in the cost of a paid website builder is a technical support team that saves users from having to hire outside professional services if their website experiences technical difficulties.

Dynamic Flash Animation gives a flare to your website

Considering dynamic flash animation in Website Creation can enhance a websites quality, creating a highly visible interactive environment for site visitation. A blend of animations, subtle colors, sound and video graphics, synchronized with screen text raises a websites overall appeal. Dynamic flash website designs make a powerful impact to boost a business’s exceptional visibility. A flash website’s design can include:

• Intro pages

• Design themes

• Banners

• Presentations

• Photo galleries

Content is the primary component in Website Creation

The central purpose of any website is content based, so the creation of remarkable content should be a top priority. Content is what attracts visitors to a website, and it allows for links to bring people from other websites. The better the content the more keywords will link search engines to the website. Remarkable content has a greater chance of spreading on social media sites. Optimizing content for search engines, RSS readers and social media sites fosters business growth by creating greater publicity.

Sitemaps allow visitors to navigate a website

A sitemap is a website’s table of contents and helps visitors to navigate the site. The addition of a sitemap during website creation increases a site’s rankings and indexed pages. Sitemaps can be organized in different ways, but the most popular form is the outline. There are three different types of sitemaps:

• HTML sitemap

• XML sitemap

• Video sitemap

An HTML sitemap is basically a webpage with links to every other page on a website. It is user friendly and allows visitors ease of access to a sites content while helping a search engine’s crawl content.

An XML sitemap lists URLs on a site, increasing chances of indexing site pages. However it is used primarily by search engines and is not considered user friendly.

Video sitemaps are primarily used for videos, showing the page where it is embedded while giving details about the video’s content. Video sitemaps are critical for search engine optimization.

Bipul Kar is a professional web developer and recommends using Fiverr to create your own business website quickly and easily.

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Proper Identification Products For Your Festival, Party, Sporting Event, or Convention

When planning for a music festival, party, sporting event, or convention, there are so many things to consider. Of course you’ll need to have your food and beverage vendors ready, merchandise booths, book the entertainment, and so on. So very often though, some of the minor, but very important, essential items are overlooked or not accounted for in the budget during the planning process. Make sure you’re ahead of the ball and plan for your identification products before the last minute.


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VIP passes, special backstage passes, and vendor and artist passes are all essential items to consider when planning for your next big festival, convention, sporting event, or party. These are a great way to secure your event and keep those unwanted “guests” out. They’re also ideal for distinguishing between the under-age and of-age attendees, to help ensure your event stays organized and under control.

Most name badge companies can help outfit your event with these types of passes with customized credit card-like badges. Many come with full-color printing and can include your event logo, colors from your event’s other marketing creatives, personalized text such as “Attendee”, “Performer”, “Event Staff”, or “Vendor”, or even photographs. You can also most likely include individual names on the passes for those “VIP” guests. Color coding passes will also help to determine who’s who at a quick glance.

Don’t forget that your passes will also need a comfortable way to be attached to the wearer. Since most events are all day or even a few days long, choose a soft and lightweight lanyard or a badge reel, strap clip, or vinyl/plastic badge holder with a clip that can be attached directly to a shirt pocket or belt loop. Comfort will be key, but also making sure the pass is displayed in a clear and easy-to-see place on the wearer will make organizing attendees, guests, and other event participants that much easier.

Identification products of all types are so important to the organization of your event. Most products are relatively inexpensive, but be sure you leave just a little room in your budget for these necessary products. Check out your local office supply stores or online companies to find the perfect, essential identification products for your party, sporting event, music festival, or convention.

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Are Brochure Design Templates Any Good?

It is amazing to see that now we have tutorials, manuals and books for everything that we want to do. Thanks to the internet, almost all sorts of tutorials are also available online. For example, if you want to learn how you can take pictures like a pro, then you can easily find tons of manuals both online and offline. The same is true when you are ready to create a brochure design to promote your products and services. You can get Do It Yourself tools or templates to create your own business brochures and then hand them to upload them for your market to download.

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Now, let me ask you this. If someone tells you that they just read a book on how to take pictures like a pro, will you hire them as your wedding photographer? No, you will always hesitate and will never believe in their skills, because you know that just by using a tool or reading a book, you don’t become a professional or don’t get the skills overnight. To get anything done professionally and with quality, you need to hire the professionals of that respective field, otherwise you will encounter childish and amateur outcome.

See, we can take the example of the photographer quoted above and compare it with a brochure design template or DIY tool or software. Can a software or a manual or a template make you a professional designer? The answer is simple: No, it won’t and it can’t. Creating a brochure requires creativity and the ability to target your audience with the right type of design, colors and layout. Without a proper design, your brochure will look unprofessional and, instead of admiring you, your market will stay away from you. So, the outcome can be devastating for you and your business.

Also, remember, in the world of business, to stand-out from the rest, you have got to look unique. But, if you use a template, then you will never be able to give a unique touch to your business. Plus, others may already be using the same template. This can ruin your credibility easily.

See, the major problem with templates is that you are limited to the options that they provide you. Yes, they provide you with tons of colors, fonts and layouts, but the problem is that you have to use them only and you can’t use your creativity or imagination at all. Even if you have a brilliant idea, you may not be able to execute it because of the limited functionality of templates and DIY tools.

Hence, it is ideal to actually hire a professional brochure designer to make the design original and creative. Experience teaches new and powerful techniques to professional designers. Secondly, professional designers know what sort of color ought to be used in your particular brochure (according to your industry).

The best part is that it is not costly anymore to hire a professional designer. With a little research, you will be able to find a professional and affordable brochure designer. Hence, it is best to avoid templates.

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Do I Need Anger Management? Step by step instructions to Know For Sure

While in extremely serious instances of outrage this is the situation and would require outrage administration – what I get a kick out of the chance to characterize as ‘forceful annoyance’, there are different cases that require similarly hearty resentment administration however where the indications of displeasure are not all that self-evident. The reality of the situation may prove that we have outrage that is ‘stewing under the surface’ now and then for a drawn out stretch of time – what I call ‘uninvolved indignation’. While this may not uncover itself as out and out wrath, it can have a similarly unfavorable effect on our life – possibly more-so than forceful indignation as this kind of profound established latent displeasure does not appear to have a discharge valve.

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It is just fine examining what outrage administration includes, why it is valuable and different parts of indignation administration and outrage all the more by and large – something I have talked about in different articles and will do as such in prospective ones-yet unless we understand we have a resentment issue in any case, it is essentially pointless discussing compelling medications. All things considered, unless we realize that we have an issue, we can’t go to the following stride of tending to this.

On account of this, whatever is left of the article will concentrate on perusing the indications of resentment for both “forceful” and “latent” annoyance. Some of these may sounds truly evident yet are critical to note all the same.

Irate OUTBURSTS, SHOUTING, PHYSICAL VIOLENCE AND AGGRESSION – This is the most straightforward identifier of indignation for evident reasons. As examined over, this is the great kind of displeasure – that is anything but difficult to characterize and simple to know when we are encountering it. As showed in numerous cleanser musical dramas, movies et cetera; this forceful resentment can develop over a drawn out stretch of time as ‘aloof outrage’ or basically emerge without this. Whatever the cause, this resentment conveys what needs be as vocal yelling, physical viciousness from tossing objects over a space to brutality towards someone else. This can effectsly affect our life. On the off chance that this happens at work it could prompt disciplinary activity or socially prompt loss of companionships. As abusive behavior at home or ambush towards someone else, it can prompt a criminal conviction and the outcomes that emerge from this.

FEELING STRESSED AND IRRITABLE – Stress is presumably a standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons for annoyance and thus, outrage (particularly when it is uninvolved) can bring on additional anxiety. This endless loop can have outcomes for us, our companions, family and associates. At the point when groping this work of outrage it is a smart thought to look for annoyance administration. As opposed to mainstream thinking, the ideal opportunity for annoyance administration is not after a rough upheaval or without a doubt, outrage does not have to surface as hostility to be delegated outrage. Groping this work of outrage – whether this has been for a couple days, weeks, months or even years-is an indication that we are encountering an annoyance issue, with the probability being that the more we abandon it unaddressed, the more awful the displeasure and results of this indignation may get to be and the harder it will be to free ourselves of it.

FEELING ANNOYED AT EVERY LITTLE THING – Again, whether this appears to be yelling and raving or is a development of irritation inside our own particular personalities, the truth is that we are getting to be irate. Certain little measures of outrage and dissatisfaction are quite for us and are sound feelings in our everyday lives. The issues start when this turns out to be more delayed and profound established, bringing about us extraordinary inconvenience at customary interims and at circumstances that ought not. In the event that we feel we are turning out to be excessively irritated and are being irritated by things that did not pester us in the past – or disturb us to the same degree-this is an indication of expanding resentment assembling and ought to be tended to as quickly as time permits. Not just do we stand the shot of harming our wellbeing in this circumstance yet the stifled resentment may develop to such a degree where it is discharged as physical animosity.

Pressure WITHIN A RELATIONSHIP – Our own connections from numerous points of view are the bellwethers of our wellbeing and prosperity (and that of the other accomplice obviously). All things considered, when we are encountering issues – particularly stretch and outrage it can affect our relationship. We may as an individual turn out to be more unsettled, irritated over little things or not as chatty not surprisingly. This can have a sensational and negative impact upon our relationship – considerably all the more so if the displeasure seems to be yelling and particularly so for physical hostility. On the off chance that we feel that our annoyance is negatively affecting our relationship then outrage administration is unquestionably fundamental and could help you spare your relationship if the issue must a genuine stage.

Absence OF CONCENTRATION – Anger – regardless of the fact that it is not the forceful sort takes up a lot of vitality and memory. While we are pondering being furious over something, every one of this vitality and mental ability is directed into the irate musings and far from other useful things we could do. Subsequent to addressing a large number of customers throughout the years, it is regularly the case that when something is alarming us, these considerations can enter our brain whenever regardless of what we are doing. We might consider something totally diverse to what makes us irate yet without notice the furious thought can enter our head. Once more, without an excess of clarification here, these can divert us from different things, particularly those exercises where we require full fixation, for example, work. Not just would this be able to prompt an absence of fixation and the negative impacts that can emerge from this, additionally when these considerations do emerge, they can frequently not just aim the indignation to deteriorate – bringing on a greater amount of these musings additionally can prompt forceful resentment in a few conditions.

To close; it sounds a simple errand in principle to figure out whether we require outrage administration or not but rather is by and by to a great degree troublesome. Numerous individuals imagine that since they feel irate they require outrage administration when truly they don’t. At the flip side of the range there are those that don’t understand they have outrage – yet could truly profit by indignation administration.

The genuine trouble emerges when we begin to think about the indications of displeasure. Yes, in a few conditions, for example, forceful outrage, these signs are anything but difficult to peruse and as a rule we may have minimal decision yet to get outrage administration – possibly after a vicious occurrence. In different conditions notwithstanding, for example, the aloof outrage I have talked about, these signs may (a) not be seen by other individuals and (b) we may in any case be uncertain ourselves that we are really irate. By this I imply that we know we are encountering an adjustment in state of mind yet at the same time not understanding that we have an indignation issue.

I trust that this counsel may is useful. Regardless of the possibility that it is not you expressly encountering these side effects but rather an accomplice, individual from family or a dear companion is; these recommendations ought to help in perusing the indications of displeasure and perhaps convince the individual to look for further guidance. On the off chance that you are specifically encountering one or a greater amount of these impacts then the probability is that you are encountering outrage – shifting in seriousness relying upon the sort of indignation and individual circumstance. Once more, my most grounded guidance would be to counsel an outrage administration expert to get the opportunity to battle outrage before it turns out to be more terrible. From numerous years of experience now, I have found that outrage is regularly brought on by long-standing stresses – however this is not generally the situation. Getting to the heart of these matters is the root to defeating this resentment and the initial step to doing this is having the capacity to understand that we have outrage in any case.

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