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Nigeria Inside the Eyes of your Planet

The country Nigeria, officially identified nowadays because the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is really a federal constitutional republic comprising thirty-six states and a single Federal Capital Territory. Nigeria is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin within the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger inside the north. Its coast lies on the Gulf of Guinea, portion of your Atlantic Ocean, inside the south. The capital city is Abuja. The people of Nigeria have an substantial history, and archaeological proof shows that human habitation in the area dates back to at the least 9000 BC. The Benue-Cross River location is thought to become the original homeland with the Bantu migrants who spread across the majority of central and southern Africa in waves among the 1st millennium BC plus the 2nd millennium AD.

Nigeria will be the most populous country in Africa and the eighth most populous nation in the world having a population of over 150 million. The nation is listed among the “Next Eleven” economies, and is amongst the fastest expanding on the planet together with the International Monetary Fund projecting development of 9% in 2008.

The flag of Nigeria was developed in 1959 and very first officially hosted on October 1, 1960. The green bands represent the forests and abundant organic wealth of Nigeria while the white band stands for peace. The designer was a student from Ibadan, by name Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi.

The National Anthem, “Arise, O Compatriots” was adopted in 1978. The lyrics are a mixture of words and phrases taken from 5 of your ideal entries inside a national contest. The words had been put to music by the Nigerian Police Band under the directorship of Benedict Elise Odiase.

The Nigeria Coat of Arms constitutes and represents a lot of factors in regards to the country. The black shield represents the good earth of Nigeria. The silver wavy bands represent the rivers Niger and Benue. The white horses (the two supporters) represent dignity. The eagle represents strength. The wreath is in the colors from the Nigerian flag. The ground on which the bearings stand is Coctus Spectablis, which is a prevalent wild flower located throughout Nigeria.

The Nigerian National Pledge is actually a patriotic statement or guarantee created towards the nation, with an obligation to reside in accordance with its laws, guidelines or regulations; it’s an affirmation, guarantee or undertaking created to show one’s love, loyalty and respect for his fatherland. The Nigerian Pledge runs like this: I pledge to Nigeria my nation To be faithful, loyal and honest To serve Nigeria with all my strength To defend her unity And uphold her honour and Glory So help me God.

Nigeria’s official currency may be the Naira. The Naira was introduced in 1973 to replace the pound sterling at a rate of 2 Naira per pound. This produced Nigeria the final state to abandon the British currency program (£sd). The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on January 1st 1973 introduced notes for 50 kobo, 1,5,10 and 20 Naira and Coins of ½, 1, 5, 10 and 25 Kobo. A new bank note denomination of the value of 20 Naira was also issued around the 11th February, 1977. Then N20 note was created the highest denomination to be introduced. It is also the first currency note to bear the portrait of a Nigeria Citizen, that is, the late Head of State, Common Murtala Muhammed. 3 denominations of new currency notes of (N1), (N5), and (NI0) were equally introduced around the 2nd July, 1979. Subsequently in December 1999, November 2000, April 2001 and October 1st, 2005, the CBN introduced a new N100, N200, N500 and N1000 currency notes, respectively. And on February 28th 2007, polymer notes of N50, N20, N10, and N5 had been introduced alongside coins of Nl.50k, and N2.

Divided into 3 major ethnic groups: Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba, with six geographical zones namely South-East, South-South, South-West, North-East, North-East, North-West and North-Central, Nigeria boasted under the Late President Musa Yar’adua to be amongst the top 20 industrialized economy on the planet by the year 2020; have zero tolerance for corruption; address tension in Niger Delta sub-region; arrest power failure in Nigeria; accommodate all its citizens irrespective of political, ethnic, or religious groups; make all political office holders servant leaders, producing the government to be a single that listens to the cries with the individuals, and; have a clear separation of energy without the need of interfering in the activities of other arms of government. All these are summarized below the 7-point Agenda which the present Nigerian government under the leadership of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan agreed to address and operate with.

In truth, the agenda has turn out to be a lot more pronounced these days and it incorporates Power and Power, Food Safety, Wealth Creation, Transport Sector Reforms, Land Reforms, Security and Education. On the other hand, it beats our imagination that a government which can be bent on fighting corruption will fold its arms and watch some kinds of illegality thriving in the name of a specific constitutional “immunity” clause for public servants. The case from the former Speaker in the Residence of Representatives, Oladimeji Bankole, continues to be fresh in our memory. With all the reports and counter reports about the misbehaviours in the members on the National Assembly, they were allowed to carry on together with the perform of law-making even in error.

Countless illegalities were allowed to progress for also extended in our National Assemblies and Houses of Assembly. There instances where Speakers, or Presidents from the Senate together with other Members of your Property, are either impeached or illegally suspended but nothing was completed to those that masterminded the illegal actions, even when the courts reversed their actions. In some instances, it’s going to take the Members in the Property a century to reverse their acts of irresponsibility. The former Senate President, Evan Enwerem, was a clear example. The House impeached him as their Senate President, only to reverse their decision at his death using a claim that his impeachment was “political”.

A prevalent man would have gone to jail for such act. Yet another case in thoughts is that of Patricia Etteh, an erstwhile Speaker with the House of Representatives, who was removed on allegations of misappropriation of funds. In the end with the 6th National Assembly, the House of Representatives unanimously handed her a clean bill of wellness, claiming that her removal was also “political”, after the damage has been completed. Do we still trust these persons, as Honourable Members in the Residence? Think me, these attitudes are certainly not speaking properly of a nation which is bent in fighting corruption!

Having said that, it sounds confusing when we speak about Nigeria as A single NATION. By implication Nigeria is extra than one. Have a look at the appointments in to the public service. It really is funny that ethnic and religious sentiments often dictate the way appointments are offered. That the country’s security network is in jeopardy right now is due to the fact a section on the country keeps dominating the Armed Forces and also the Police. A one-sided safety network is at height of ethnic and religious politics. Also, the incessant political unrest, bomb blasts and religious crisis that tend to rock the boat of Nigeria’s progress just isn’t unconnected with the multiplicity of the Nigerian nation.

Is Nigeria actually 1 nation? Answering within the affirmative suggests that we really should discover to find out other individuals precisely the same way we see ourselves. When we take away selfishness, greed, religious extremism, ethnic barriers, as well as other corrupt practices and find out to appreciate one particular an additional, Nigeria will likely be improved for it. We realize that it can be high time we began building a UNITED, PEACEFUL NIGERIA, when we start to know that what is very good for us, is equally superior for the others. It truly is when we start off realizing that the life we refused to waste today, may turn out to be a deliverer tomorrow. Let us drop greed, selfishness and other corrupt tendencies, that are these days transforming into the unpatriotic acts carrying bombs, guns, machetes, clubs, fuels and fire, etc to embrace peace, unity, progress and prosperity. We’re definitely not enemies to 1 one more – we are a single persons – we are One NIGERIA!

The entire world today is watching us, whether or not we are going to continue progressively in unity or break apart. Let us reside in peace and tell them that certainly, we’re A single People today!!!

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