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The Chiropractic Wellness Generation

‘Wellness’ can be a normal term within the chiropractic lexicon. It really is frequently utilized by today’s chiropractor in naming clinics, advertising services plus the theme of countless chiropractic websites, numerous of that are templates for chiropractors to plug-in their pedigree information and facts.

So, what exactly is wellness?

Wikipedia defines wellness as getting usually made use of to mean a healthful balance from the thoughts, physique and spirit that benefits in an all round feeling of well-being, and has been utilized inside the context of option medicine due to the fact Halbert L. Dunn, M.D. started utilizing the phrase ‘high level wellness’ in the 1950s. The modern notion of wellness (becoming preferred inside the 1970s) is often a view of wellness emphasizing the state on the whole being and its ongoing development, along with the continual, conscious pursuit of living life to its fullest potential. Option approaches to wellness are typically denoted by the usage of two different phrases – health & wellness and wellness programs. Whether these techniques really improve physical wellness is controversial and is an unsettled subject.

D.D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, believed that spinal misalignments (‘vertebral subluxations’) were the cause of most wellness problems, ailments and diseases that were corrected by adjusting misaligned spinal bones to alleviate disturbances of nerve supplies to tissues and organs to allow ‘Innate Intelligence’ (inborn inside the body) to act by way on the nervous system to heal disease inside the physique. Early chiropractic included palpation, a heat-sensing device (‘neurocalometer’) and x-rays to help diagnose subluxations. Today, palpation and x-rays are still applied. Many chiropractors, primarily in spinal screenings, also use computerized testing devices incorporating Thermography and surface EMG to generate reports that purportedly show the locations of subluxations. The allied health sciences, and numerous chiropractors, contend Palmer’s vertebral subluxation theory is not supported by scientific and clinical evidence.

Whose wellness is it? Is it the patient’s health or the chiropractor’s wealth that is the goal on the treatment?

Lots of chiropractors turn to practice building consultants for assistance with practice development and growth. Doctors find consultants waiting in line, proclaiming to have the answers for practice success. These consultants include individuals who purport to be specialist in multi-disciplinary practices, advertising and marketing whizzes, rehab specialists, as well as those gurus promoting “wellness practices.” One may simply Google the term “chiropractic wellness” to observe the pervasiveness of this phenomenon.

On 10/9/09, a Department of Justice, Northern District of Georgia, press release announced the health care fraud indictment of Chiropractors Andrew Sokol and Julie Weisberg (owner – operators of “WellnessOne” clinics in Marietta, Buckhead, Duluth, Vinings, and other Atlanta locations) for allegedly billing insurers over $11 million in fraudulent services.

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