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Earthship Is Stewardship

Have you heard on the Sustainable living movement? Earthships? Yea, these cool alien hunting homes in far-away areas. Probabilities are that you just have. Earthships may possibly be coming to a neighborhood nearby and it could be sooner than you believe.

We assume of our houses today as ‘traditional’ but are they truly? I say ‘traditional’ in quotes since it is definitely the Earthship that’s a standard dwelling; in harmony with all the earth, atmosphere and climate. It’s my target and dream to reside in an Earthship at some time within the near future.

I had the chance to take a look at the birthplace of Earthships outdoors of Taos NM. It was a life-changing stop by. A single of my objectives should be to make a single of these magnificent dwellings my household. Sound uncomplicated? Possibly it is actually less difficult now but this was not usually the case.

Founder, Architect and Engineer Michael Reynolds has produced sustainable living his life’s perform. For 40 years, Reynolds has been battling legislation, government and major enterprise for the appropriate to build and reside free of charge in sustainable communities.

Earthship Defined

An Earthship is defined by obtaining all of the 6 following principles; Thermal/Solar heating and cooling, Solar & wind electricity, self-contained Sewage Treatment, building with Natural & Recycled materials, Water harvesting and Food production.

With all of this technology available it becomes a question of why isn’t there more Earthships being built? Without obtaining into all the Political and Governmental issues and restrictions, I believe the answer is Power Struggle.

Power & Balance

In order to reside in harmony individuals must relinquish the ‘need for total control’. When the need to be in complete control – or have power over – has been let go of; then balance, harmony and partnership will naturally occur.

It is true that in many situations the balance of power is skewed or weighted one way or another – a natural progression – that goes both ways depending on what the situation is. This can be a natural balancing act. Consider of a stream and how it meanders through the landscape. At times the stream is more powerful due to heavy rains and the landscape gives in to the excess water. The reverse is also true; when the stream dries up or has significantly less water flowing – the landscape extends its boundaries, grass, flowers and such. The stream and the landscape are in partnership with each other – each allowing for the other’s excess when necessary.

The power struggle I refer to could be the absolute need for control even though there are better solutions available; to be in control just for the sake of being ‘right’ in other words.

Living with and in an Earthship is like the stream and landscape. The Earthship and individual live in partnership with all the climate, earth, environment and each other. By its very nature, the Earthship is usually a biosphere which requires stewardship in order to thrive.


Whether we know it or not, we are all stewards of the area in which we occupy. No matter whether you reside in a property, apartment, city or in a rural area; stewardship remains constant. The quality of stewardship changes as we change.

The Power to Enact Change!

Residing within everyone of us could be the power to enact change. My dream is always to live in an Earthship and that will happen. It may not be the dream of others. No matter what your dream is, you can still affect and enact change. Enact change by recycling, education, choosing alternative modes of transportation. Engage in activities that support harmony.

The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon

If everyone produced tiny changes by becoming aware, this new awareness is communicated from mind to mind when a critical number is reached. The number is not exact in every situation but the phenomenon is constant and is referred to as “the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon”.

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