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Best Five Uncommon Restaurants in London

If you have visited your nearby Chinese, Indian, gastropub and chippie a lot more occasions than you care to don’t forget, you may be hankering soon after a thing a bit diverse. Our guide to the leading 5 unusual restaurants in London will offer a brand new horizon for your senses.

Bunga Bunga – Battersea

This tongue-in-cheek Italian bar, pizzeria and karaoke joint is named following the term Silvio Berlusconi utilized to describe the naughty shenanigans which went on at his property. The interior references some of the greatest Italian icons via the centuries, all with an eccentric and comical twist, and is a part of what tends to make Bunga Bunga one of many most uncommon restaurants in London.

For example, their ‘Sistine Stairway’ capabilities a painstaking reproduction of Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel, though the bar is shaped like a gondola with Venice canals painted on the wall behind it. Their pizzeria serves genuine Italian dishes and beyond the eating area you are going to come across two private rooms, dedicated to karaoke parties.

Meat Liquor – Marylebone

Providing possibly the top spicy burgers available inside the Capital, and at a superb cost, it is no wonder this uncommon restaurant in London has a cult following. This Marylebone restaurant’s humble origins only serve to add to its charm.

Founder Yianni Papoutis was cooking his Philly cheesesteaks and crispy bacon burgers from a van he known as the ‘Meatwagon’ just over a year ago. Now the queues outside Meat Liquor could reasonably join these few earthly entities visible from the moon. And it’s worth the wait.

Funky Asia – Spitalfields

This entertaining and very unusual Pan Asian restaurant in London’s Spitalfields has an eclectic menu, formulated by ex-Nobu chef Danh Huu Bui. Dishes appear to possess arrived from a number of Southeast Asian areas, with Japanese-style gyoza, Thai chicken, Vietnamese honey soy cucumber salad and Korean-style lamb chops all producing an appearance.

Turn up and appreciate a scrumptious, laid-back meal in an exciting space – the wild interior features brightly coloured lights, Chesterfields and steel cladding, assisting to create it one of many most unusual restaurants in London.

Burger & Lobster – Mayfair

Gaining a reputation as one of many cleverest menu systems around, Burger and Lobster soothes the information overload of today’s society by offering only two choices: burger, or lobster, creating it fourth on our list of unusual restaurants in London. Each is £20, and then you can indulge in either chocolate or lime mousse.

The brilliance of only allowing these two options is that they have been able to fine-tune their preparation and consequently do them both extremely well. Burgers are generous and come with salad and chips, although a lobster will be chosen in the tanks which reside underneath the restaurant, and also served with salad and chips. There is even a viewing gallery if you’d like to see these creatures delight in their free time before hitting the plate.

Archipelago – Fitzrovia

Located in a side street sandwiched between bustling Tottenham Court Road and charming Charlotte Street, Archipelago is an exotic, mysterious place where you can leave the City’s perpetual hum behind you and enter a place where time stands still.

With a menu that includes crocodile (don’t be tempted to ask them to ‘make it snappy’) and wildebeest for mains and scorpions for dessert, you will know to expect the unexpected in the moment you step foot inside this most unusual restaurant in London.

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