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What Would be the Best Tourist Attractions in Berlin?

Right after the fall from the Berlin Wall in 1989, Berlin has transformed itself into a world city of politics, culture, science and media. With 3.five million persons living in the city, Berlin is Germany’s largest city and Europe’s second most populous city. With its stunning architecture, entertainment, culture, purchasing and nightlife, Berlin is one of the world’s hippest and popular tourist destinations

Reichstag (Parliament Developing)

The Reichstag constructing is a historical constructing in Berlin and certainly one of Berlin’s top rated tourist attractions. The Reichstag was initially built for the meeting location of your German parliament but in 1922, it was severely damaged within a fire and was abandoned. Immediately after the Reunification of East and West Berlin on October 3, 1990, British architect Sir Norman Foster led Reichstag’s reconstruction and made the Reichstag’s infamous roof glass dome. The large glass dome provides a magnificent 360 degree view on the surrounding Berlin cityscape especially at night and from inside the dome, you could see the parliament’s main hall under

Checkpoint Charlie Museum

The Checkpoint Charlie Museum or called Mauermuseum or Haus am Checkpoint Charlie in Germany, is really a big tourist attraction in Berlin. The museum got its name from the famous crossing checkpoint between East and West Germany. Among the displays would be the history on the Berlin Wall and the stories of those who escaped from East Germany inclusive from the images and connected recordings of successful escape attempts and also the escape equipments like getaway automobiles, hot-air balloons, chairlifts, and also a even miniature submarine!

Kaufhaus des Westens (Division Store with the West)

The completely modernized and refurbished Kaufhaus des Westens or”Department Retailer on the West” is continental Europe’s largest and Berlin’s classiest department retailer. During the Nazi era, its Jewish owners sold it away and toward the finish on the war, it was practically destroyed when an American airplane crashed into it. These days, it’s a seven-floor buying haven and it really is well-known for the champagne bars, restaurants, beer bars, food and delicatessen counters that occupy its prime two floors and its magnificent rooftop winter garden

Charlottenburg Palace

Located within the Charlottenburg district, Charlottenburg Palace with its gardens is certainly one of Berlin’s top rated tourist attractions. It is actually Berlin’s largest palace plus the city’s only surviving royal residence dating back to the Hohenzollern family members era. The palace was completed at the end of your 17th century and throughout the 18th century; Charlottenburg Palace was expanded with exquisite baroque and rococo internal decoration. Behind Charlottenburg Palace, a large formal garden was added including, a mausoleum, belvedere, a pavilion as well as a theatre.

Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe

The Holocaust Memorial also known as the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe, is definitely an expansive memorial to the six million Jewish victims who were killed within the Holocaust. This Berlin tourist attraction which can be situated close to Brandenburg Gate in Berlin is holds a grid of two,711 concrete slabs referred to as stelae. These stelaes are 2.38 m lengthy, 0.95 m wide and vary in height from 0.two to 4.8 m every. There are actually no paths in this stunning memorial and it may be entered from all sides. Within the southeast corner lies an underground facts centre is dwelling towards the names of all recognized victims of your Jewish Holocaust, gathered from Yad Vashem museum in Israel.

Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate)

Built within the late 18th century, the Brandenburg Gate also known as Brandenburger Tor, is created as a triumphal arch for King Frederick Wilhelm II. It truly is the only remaining gate of 14 through which Berlin is often entered. Brandenburger Tor is positioned west of Berlin city centre in the junction of Ebertstraße and Unter den Linden, facing Pariser Platz. In the course of Globe War II, Brandenburger Tor was heavily broken and it was left desolated when the Berlin Wall was constructed but in 2002, this well-known landmark was totally restored by Berlin Monument Conservation Foundation. Now, this sandstone gateway has become the host of Berlin’s New Year’s Eve parties and Unification Day and is among Berlin’s most famous tourist attraction and landmarks


Siegessaule is definitely an old monument which can be 60 meter high. At the top rated, guests can take pleasure in breathtaking views of Berlin city center. However, no elevator is available so visitors would have to climb 285 actions for the prime of your monument and its properly worth it. Situated at the top with the monument, the statue of Victoria could be the location where the angels collect inside the popular film Der Himmel über Berlin.

Berliner Fernsehturm

At 368 meters higher, Berliner Fernsehturm is definitely the tallest Tv tower in Berlin and Germany and is one of Berlin’s preferred attractions. It is actually situated in the city centre of Berlin, Germany, close to Alexanderplatz, and was completed in 1969. There is certainly an observation deck in addition to a revolving restaurant within the Berliner Fernsehturm sphere. The observation deck which also named panoramic floor about 203 metres higher and visibility can attain 42 kilometres on a clear day. Visitors will have to take the lift to visit the tower sphere; alternatively, visitors can climb up 986 steps. There is certainly also a restaurant named Telecafé, which is just about 207 metres above ground and it is going to rotate after every 30 minutes.

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