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Not the finish of tv

The age of tv is at an end. You will find obvious examples of sports events, large national events and also the significant entertainment shows that should normally capture huge national audiences.

The crucial modify, nevertheless, is the fact that most other output is often supplied on demand. Drama, documentaries, and news are all primarily on-demand goods. The trend is the fact that this content material are going to be increasingly consumed when the audience desires to consume it and not just when the television scheduler decides to broadcast it.

Audiences are by and significant selecting the devices they choose to use and also the content material they would like to consume on them. Transmedia is useful right here because it enables you, the producer, to capture and engage with an audience. Crucially, it enables you to engage the audience in precisely the way that viewers are now accessing media content.

We, as media producers, have no option but to comply with this accelerating trend. For example, inside the United states of america, audiences are now measured not just when it comes to the television viewing figures to get a specific programme; the audience figures are now also broken down in to the numerous different techniques the programme was consumed. For example, they’ll measure not just the reside broadcast figures but may also measure throughout the following week:

> Repeat transmissions and delayed viewings > Personal video recorder viewings, e.g. Tivo in the United states > Viewings on catch-up television solutions > Viewings around the broadcaster’s player services > Viewings on on-demand solutions like iTunes.

In 2010, the figures showed an enormous boost in television output getting accessed online, on demand. The figures varied based around the show; even so, within the case of ‘True Blood’, a hefty 40% of its audience accessed the show on non-traditional media for example on demand services, catch-up tv or private video recorder solutions. What is really remarkable is the fact that a handful of years ago the figure was close to 0%. We have to ask ourselves, is it definitely so unlikely that the figure will rise further in the next couple of years? This not just creates advertising income challenges for the tv industry, but also opportunities for tv producers.

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