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Google has taken the cyber planet literary by storm once again with its new solution called Google Page Creator. It truly is a really very simple but effective tool that can enable virtually absolutely everyone to possess their own web-site at absolutely free of charge and with no obtaining any technical information. You may develop your web page within your browser devoid of the enable of any other computer software. The initial demand has been so higher that Google was forced to quit issuing new accounts.

Signing up

When I tried to sign up, on account of pretty high demand Google had stopped offering new accounts. Naturally, I felt discouraged since I generally prefer to see Google because the never ending source of details for everyone. Google asked me to submit my e mail address so that I remain in the queue for Google Page Creator. On the other hand, right after five minutes I once again attempted and this time for you to my sheer delight I got the account but once more felt disappointed that Google Page Creator does not assistance my browser (Opera). So, I entered Google Web page Creator with Internet Explorer and this time it opened quite nicely.

* A Gmail account is often a should

* Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 1.0, or greater, with JavaScript and cookies enabled- Then you definitely can operate with Web page Creator.By signing up with it I got a sub domain from Google having a capacity of one hundred Megabyte. For me it can be so exciting to note that for signing up I didn’t need to fill up any kind. Just my Gmail was sufficient. Even I didn’t need to invest anytime for picking a url for my sub domain. I didn’t must do any e mail verification. I am positive this process will attract several users in Net.

Aid section

Prior to performing anything, I visited the assistance section. I spent 10-15 minutes to read the subjects and I was completely happy to find out that the subjects had been written in very easy and non Technical English. It provided the needed info about Google Web page Creator. Then I visited Google Page Creator Assist Center . It was written inside a quite simple manner too. The troubleshooting suggestions are beneficial also to get a new user.

My first page

When I saw my property page Google Page Creator I felt like functioning an Microsoft Word and MS Frontpage. You’ll find places exactly where I need to just click and then type something- It truly is just as straightforward as that. No download, no help from any other software program. Just variety some words and hit the publish button- that is it. Should you will not be happy using the Layout then you definitely can modify it inside a minute. There are four types of layouts and all you need would be to just click on among them. Exactly the same goes for the Look too. In case you will not be happy using the Look of your webpage then you will discover 41 Looks to pick. I liked a few of them though the others didn’t appear to become incredibly impressive to me.

My initial Picture

There is an alternative for uploading a image. You may upload by two methods: you can choose an image from your PC’s difficult drive or it is possible to give a url of any picture from Web. Each of them worked quite rapidly.

Adding a page

Immediately after I finished my residence page I wanted to add a brand new page titled About Me. The course of action is practically exact same like operating around the initially page. Right after I finished making the web page I actually felt that Google has been able to overcome the most significant challenge of permitting absolutely everyone to have personal web-site at no cost of charge.

Will my web page be found in Google Search

Yes, it will likely be due to the fact Google has informed in its web-site that within several hours of my web site being designed by Google Page Creator it can crawl and add to its search. When a thing gets indexed in Google, other search engines like google wont waste time for you to index it too.

What next for

Google Web page Creator is surely certainly one of the most significant revolutions in ICT sector in current occasions. Google Web page Creator is actually a giant step in overcoming the problem of ordinary users to create a web based presence without any technical understand how. By it Google entered in to the internet hosting market as well as the ideal point with Google Web page Creator is the fact that any internet site produced here is supposed to be blessed with unlimited quantity of bandwidth.

Difference among Blogspot and Google Web page Creator

Google’s Blogspot is extremely popular among every person and you can find thousands of blogs hosted in Blogspot. In Blogspot, a person requires some standard ideas about webpage design and HTML but in Google Web page Creator everyone together with the ability to browse Web through Online Explorer and Firefox will probably be able to create their own web page.

No advertisements in Google Page Creator

I’m not sure about it but but I didn’t see any ads of any enterprise such as Google immediately after uploading my web-site. If this continues, then Google will dominate the marketplace of no cost internet websites. I have seen several of my students and good friends to acquire annoyed from Tripod and Geocities about ads and steadily losing interest about free of charge net hosting altogether. I’m positive that Google Web page Creator is going to influence the writing sector a great deal in the coming days.

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