Learn How to Get Fans for Your Music With 3 Easy Tactics

Most musicians have realized by now that having your own website is an important first step when it comes to learning how to get fans for your music.

But it can be very frustrating if you spend a lot of time working on the site but still you don’t get enough hits to increase your fan base on a consistent level.

There are a lot of different ways to get hits to a music blog, but the three suggestions below are tried and tested over the years and will bring you traffic forever once you set them up.

1. Email marketing. Even with the modern and technology-driven ways to promote your music available nowadays, making use of emails is still a great way to build a fan base.

In fact, with the surge in the popularity of social networks, email use is an integral part of the sign up process which means that your inbox is going to be around for a few years yet.

While you can promote your website in your social network account, be it Facebook or Twitter, you can actually take advantage of them most by having your contacts sign up for a mailing list first. (You might offer them a free song in return.)

It’s better to capture the direct contact details because then you have instant access to your fans when you have anything coming out that you need to promote fast.

2. Article marketing. If you have the flair for writing, you can come up with interesting articles related to your music. Submit these articles to the top 5 article directories with a link to your website in the resource box, and hey presto you have a steady stream of new fans hitting your site each day.

The more interesting the articles, the higher the chances for your website to get visitors because people will repost your stuff on their own websites which will build your exposure.

The main thing is that you focus on the quality of article not on the quantity. If you bombard readers with rubbish they will not even bother taking a look at the first words once they realized that the nonsense is associated with your website and music.

This is death for a musician.

3. Video marketing. Come up with riveting and novel music videos showing a link to your website and music and you could have a ton of hits in no time. Just like the articles, these videos have to be of high quality too.

The best thing you can do is look at YouTube each day and see which videos are going viral. This is the very best training you can get on how to churn out fan getting videos.

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