How you can Get More Likes And Followers On Facebook

We wish to assist you to get more likes on Facebook! 1 should really never underestimate the energy of a big fan base. Getting extra fans indicates a larger reach which translates to a lot more visibility for your brand or item at the same time as brand legitimacy. Needless to say there’s always the situation of keeping these fans engaged so that EdgeRank doesn’t shoot your marketing budget by means of the roof and restrict your reach but right now we are only focused on helping you acquire Facebook likes. Right here we go!

Use your present network to acquire likes:

Look to current resources to start off your like-quest! Begin by utilizing existing e mail lists and workers to get the word out. Add a Facebook badge to your web site or blog. Add a hyperlink or like button to all of your email promoting efforts. Use all of your established social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube to promote your page. Add a link into your e-mail signature. And don’t forget about print! Business cards, infographics, promotions and everything else should really have your contact information and your Facebook page ought to definitely be included. The possibilities are endless but the bottom line is all of your advertising and marketing channels should really be aligned and work together so start off incorporating your page into how you market your business and you will be actively making customers and colleagues aware of one’s page consistently.

Utilize family and friends to spread the word:

Don’t forget to tap into your personal life when looking to get more likes on Facebook. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to your friends and family and asking that they share or like your page. These are the people in your life and if they go as far as sharing the page for you they are essentially vouching for the business. These are fans who are working for you and if a lead comes by way of that share they can potentially connect you with a customer. There are many ways to ask this and we would suggest just plainly stating “We are looking to build our Facebook fan base and would love it if you would be willing to like and share our page! Thanks so much!”. The people who are willing to assist will and this will mean a nice boost in attain, likes and engagement. Don’t underestimate the energy of this strategy as this is a modern spin on word-of mouth marketing!

Create and share engaging and shareable content for much more likes:

It is important to constantly invest time and energy into creating content worthy of posting to get more likes on Facebook. Appear to acquire the attention of one’s existing fans with exciting or interesting content and you will inevitably watch your fan base grow as that content is shared. This is tricky and what needs to be discovered is the perfect combination of content that compliments your brand or product while giving your fans something to engage with. This needs to be experimented with for success and if it is you will see by means of the use of analytics that some methods work much better than others. Pay attention and constantly learn from these statistics. Rely on strategies that work and move on from ones that don’t. If you find one that works and invest time into it you will over time organically achieve likes and fans from it.

Comment, Like & Share. Be as engaging as you want your fans to be:

Part of the solution to creating engaging content is spending the time to respond to the fans that engage. There’s nothing worse than a Facebook business page that does not acknowledge it’s fans. This is what you want! They are commenting, liking or sharing your content… do not make the mistake of not joining the conversation! Show them you are alive and wish to interact! This one particular fact will make a difference as fans will begin to enjoy interacting with your page. Once that occurs they will most likely start promoting your page for you by regularly interacting with your content or just telling their friends about your page. Remember your page IS your business so when a fan tells their friend, “Check out this page, it’s a lot of fun and has a great vibe”, what they are really saying is “This business cares and interacts with it’s fans, check it out”. Always striving to build relationships with your fans is a great way to brand your company as a trusted source for a service or product and an effective way to get more likes on Facebook.

Don’t under or over post:

One particular mistake we see often is business pages under-posting or over-posting. There is a balance here and you need to work to find it. Rarely posting will drop your EdgeRank while flooding your fan’s feeds with content will most probably get you blocked or un-liked. If your content is good this won’t be as big of an situation as you already have half the battle won but if you are still in the content-experimental phase, overwhelming existing fans will definitely have a negative effect. Choose posting times wisely and spread your communications out to get more likes on Facebook!

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Use Facebook ads & promoted posts:

Most business page admins know that Facebook’s solution to this puzzle is marketing… and obviously this can be very effective but can also very expensive. Marketing need to be used as part of an ongoing strategy but you should under no circumstances rely on it completely. Using the “Boost Post” option to further promote an important update will push it into news feeds and ensure users are seeing it. If the content was engaging enough this will also raise your EdgeRank and Reach so this is a tool that really should in no way be overlooked. Unfortunately we have had far more than a few new clients come to us and inform us that they have been throwing $200 – $400 a month into running ads to obtain likes and they haven’t really paid off. With one glance at their sometimes dead page we can tell them why but in certain instances these clients have actually managed their page to the best of their ability and the ads just didn’t perform. This is because when Facebook ads are used they need to be tested and changed to produce the best results just as content needs to be. If you go the route of running ads to supplement your like goal remember to create compelling copy and use an eye-catching image. If the ad is not producing try changing it and see how that affects your results. Don’t just let them are wasting your money!

Interact with other pages:

There are many fan pages out there that can be utilized to further promote your page and they vary based on your industry but with some research you can identify and use them. Take an hour and try and determine where your customers hang out, what they like, what information they appear for, and use that information to identify pages that are good representations of one’s buyer persona. Attain out to those pages that you could benefit from working with and figure out a way to offer them value too. Building relationships here can mean many new “targeted likes” which are the best to acquire and gifts you a new weapon in your arsenal.

Take advantage of competitors pages who don’t interact:

If you want a much more active and aggressive approach, taking advantage of competitors pages who don’t interact with their fans may be the way to go. There are many pages out there that have built a fan base, post content and then ignore their fans. If you find a single that is a competitor of yours make a note to check it everyday. Answer questions and like fan comments. Interact with fans that are asking to be acknowledged and you will begin to pull targeted fans away from a source who just doesn’t get it… but you do and will as a result get more likes on Facebook!

Run social media contests:

Another aggressive and extremely effective approach is running social media contests to get more likes on Facebook. If you haven’t considered this then our suggestion is you definitely should. There is a lot that goes into a successfully planned contest and the rewards of doing so are vast. If you are interested in this approach follow this hyperlink to learn a lot more.

Offer discounts or information:

Offering discount codes and information that interests your fans is a great way to get more likes on Facebook! Remember to always take advantage of anything you are pushing out that holds value. Valuable information or content need to always be leveraged to achieve the best results possible. When releasing information that fits these guidelines consider fan-gating which basically requires a user to like your page to obtain access to something. When done correctly you will acquire a large amount of targeted fans quickly while promoting your company or product

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