Chase Center Columbus: Home to a Leading Financial Corporation

Several major banking institutions with global recognition have numerous locations throughout the United States for managing the various financial services they offer. Most of their centers house a large contributing subsidiary retail branch. The corporations handle securities, provides retail financial services, and helps with investment banking. In regards to assets, it is a leading company in the banking industry, offering services to individuals or businesses. Products they supply include credit cards, individual banking, corporate finance, general financing, insurance, mortgage assistance, and wealth management. They have office locations in multiple states.

The Surrounding Community Completes This Setting

JPMorgan is considered to be one of the oldest companies due to having over two-hundred years of experience in the industry. This long-standing organization is considered one of the financial leaders throughout the global market. The corporation operations in as many as sixty countries, with over two-hundred thousand employees worldwide. Clients include individuals, small companies, corporations, and institutions. A building of one of their hubs contains over three-hundred fifty thousand square feet spanning over five stories. Built in 1974, this structure is zoned as an office building. The center was recently refurbished, has large floor plans, and is easily accessible. It is located in the Brooksedge office park, within close proximity to both Interstate 270 and the Route 3 interchange. It is currently used to carry out the credit services of the bank.

Several of the older towns have experienced much growth since its origination. Otterbein University, founded in 1847, is a local liberal arts college with over three thousand students attending its learning facilities. The public school district contains three high schools, four middle schools, and sixteen elementary locations. This suburban area was initially connected by means of a toll road. These days, travelers are able to take either Interstate 71 or 270 to reach the downtown area. The interstates are commonly referred to as the Columbus Outerbelt. There are many great locations for anyone wanting to live in a small city atmosphere with a big city nearby.

Companies have selected this location as its destination because it allows them to be close to the city, but still have a rewarding business environment where needed employees or clients are abundant. The city contains numerous dated homes, buildings, and historical sites. Physical characteristics such as trees and waterways have been well cared for as well as promoted throughout the community. People love locations that offer a laid back environment where residential living is enjoyable and businesses can succeed.

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